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This is the form to fill to receive a free quotes without engagement. Sokol Trans moving is happy to provide more detailed quote coming directly in your place, free of charge and without engagement.


email o telephone:

I want a moving:



(Example: from Milan to Paris);

Type of moving: home office other please, specify:

moreover specify the time of your moving (eg: January 2009): Select your type of moving:

I want you to pack in total (items and furniture)
 I only want you pack partial (furniture)
 Taking apart and reassemble
 Only taking apart
 Only reassemble
 Only transport
 Total moving (items and furniture)
 Partial moving (only empty forniture)

if there is no option that fits with your desire of service, please specify it:

Number of rooms:


Please, let us know from which floor to which floor you have to move:  from floor , to floor

please, describe the rooms:






living room


dining room


bed room




guest room


children room 1


children room 2


children room 3


Hobby and/or cellar, tavern


Bath room 1


Bath room 2


dark cellar or garret




others rooms


 garage ,if yes, how many:


si no, maximum insured value in Euro: if different, please, specify:

anything else:

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