Packing and materials

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Packing and materials:


The Sokol Trans moving for the cure of your moving has selected material of optimal quality, every box has been studied in the adequate measures for your items. For the care and integrity your furniture has been planned a protecting material of new generation called "pluriball", to assure protection to the more delicate parts of the furniture.


During years of work the Sokol Trans moving did lots of experiences and check immense amount of containers and packing materials, choosing and making own standard all the materials that match the practical and economy criteria. 


To the customers that choose to directly handle the preliminary packing operations of small and personal items, the Sokol Trans moving, give all the necessary material so that the work can be done to the rule of art by yourself and without risk of damaging stuff. Expert and qualified worker take apart and to reassemble closets, bookcases, shelving, etc., other worker and packers will wrap to protected your items as you like in sheets or pluriball, multiplayer covers, cardboard and other materials, will take appropriate care of special furniture like the pictures, the lamps, the electronics appliance and computers. Copyright © 2006 map